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Pooja Room

                    A pooja room or prayer room is a room dedicated to spiritual activities in Hindu homes. It is a place where offerings, prayers and devotional practices are performed. It can range in size from a small corner in the living room to an entire room dedicated to religious practices. The room is typically adorned with images, idols, and paintings of gods, goddesses, and saints. Incense, flowers, oils, and other offerings are also often found in the pooja room.

                          The pooja room is designed to create an atmosphere of peace, devotion, and reverence. In traditional Hindu homes, the pooja room is located at the center of the house, facing east or north. This is because these directions are considered auspicious for spiritual practice. Some families also have pooja rooms located in the northeast corner of their homes, which is considered the most auspicious direction for spiritual practices. The pooja room is often used for meditation, chanting, and prayer.

                    The room is also used for aarti (worship of the divine with lamps and incense) and heaven (a ritual offering of clarified butter, grains, and herbs). Hindus believe that a pooja room helps to purify the home and bring positive energy into the space. Overall, the pooja room is an important part of Hindu culture and tradition. It is a place of peace, devotion, and spiritual practice, and provides a reminder of the divine presence in daily life.


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